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In Memoriam
In Memoriam
Aaron Leo Brown

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February 10, 2015
Article: From Natty to Hattie (2015) - Our tribute to the late Hattie Carroll (via Bob Dylan)

July 6, 2014
Article: Dig the music Mr. Deejay: Handsworth's reggae heritage


February 26, 2014
VIDEO: Put Your Hoodies On
[4 Trayvon]

January 22, 2014
Babylon is Falling: David Hinds on the Early Years

January 17, 2013
Steel Pulse announce preliminary 2014 Tour Dates

Oct 19, 2013
Steel Pulse in Hamburg

July 8, 2013
Steel Pulse
releases Put Your Hoodies On [4 Trayvon] - a cry for justice in the town of Sanford, Florida.

June 23, 2013
David Hinds
performs at
The Legacy of Bob Marley at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC

March 22, 2013
Steel Pulse
perform at the United Nations General Assembly Hall, NYC. WATCH >>

March 5, 2013 relaunched to help fans learn more about us, the music, and our focus on love and justice.


RAR 78
In 1978, race relations in Britain were in crisis. The National Front was gathering power and immigrants lived in fear of violence.

But that year also saw the birth of a campaign - Rock Against Racism (RAR) - aimed at halting the tide of hatred with music - a grassroots movement culminating in a march across London and an open-air concert in the East End. The campaign involved groups like The Clash, Steel Pulse, Buzzcocks, X-Ray Spex, The Ruts, and others, staging concerts with an anti-racist theme, in order to discourage young people from embracing racist views.

Learn more >>


Sting and David

With the Police in Berlin
Front L-R: David, Sting, Alphonso
Back L-R: Basil, Stu

see more history >>


Nelson Mandela. July 18th 1918-Dec 5th 2013

July 18th, 2018

Yes ..... Nelson Mandela is a 100 years old today. May the spirit of his inner strength pass through us. May his energy continue to have the world open to hope and universal harmony. And May South Africa have a prosperous future and be respected among all nations.

David Hinds
Nelson Mandela

THE FATHER OF A LEGEND. 26th July 1928-27th June 2018

June 27th, 2018

My condolences to the Jackson Family, on the passing of Joseph Jackson. Joe Jackson, was only a month shy of his 90th birthday. Despite Mr Jackson’s tumultuous past in regards to the negative publicity of how he treated his family, we still have to give credit to where credit is due. Let’s face it, it was his determination and relentlessness that moulded his 9 children from Gary, Indiana, to become a household name in the late 1960’s, with Michael Jackson, by far, being the most successful of them all. So in a sense he was the catalyst to an era of music that still remains unprecedented and influential to what is going on today. Therefore, we can’t really deny (whether we like it or not), that there would never be an icon like MICHAEL JACKSON if it were not for both Joe and Kathrine.

Mother Kathrine, we thank you also for being the balance during this period of developing entertainment. In eight weeks we all shall commemorate the 60th anniversary since the birth of the “King of Pop” himself..... Michael Joseph Jackson.... the Thriller, the Bad, and the Dangerous.

David Hinds


June 21st, 2018

Greetings to our fans out there. Welcome to the first day of summer. Speaking of summer, it was exactly 70 summers ago that the first LP vinyl, given the posh term, “phonograph record,” was presented to the world as the latest music format. And while we are on the subject of anniversaries, this summer marks the 40th anniversary of our debut “phonograph record,” “HANDSWORTH REVOLUTION.”

When it comes to reggae music, vinyl beats all other music formats because of the ability to accommodate a heavier bass sound in the grooves. On the other hand, because of bass end requirement to represent the truest sound range of our music, fewer songs can be placed on vinyl in comparison to other genres of music, who can have as much as 45 minutes of playing time, each side spinning at 33.3 revolutions per minute (rpm). For a good cutting reggae album, going beyond 21.5 mins per side can become a bit dodgy, where the bass end of the songs will be sacrificed as the needle moves towards the centre. Going way beyond 24 mins can result in the needle skipping over the grooves.

Over the years, CD’S tried to phase out vinyl...... but failed😂. Guess what? No one can kill the reggae! David Hinds
Roots, Rock, Reggae


June 16th, 2018

Here's a Tribute to "The First Rasta," Leonard Percival Howell, as we celebrate the 120th anniversary of his birth, this day June 16th 2018. Leonard Howell, born in Clarendon, Jamaica, has been considered by many as the founder of the Rastafarian movement, which started almost immediately after the crowning of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, of Ethiopia, in 1930. Howell's early developments started on a similar journey to that of Marcus Garvey, travelling across Central America and touching down in New York. It was there in New York, Harlem, that he and Garvey finally met (1918). Howell, along with others such as Archibald Dunkley, Joseph Hibbert and Robert Hinds, shared the same ideals, recognising Haile Selassie,aka Ras Tafari himself, as the New Messiah. It is also ironic, or you can call it vibes, that both the founder of the Rastafari Movement, Howell, and the most renowned Rastafarian, Bob Marley, made their transition in the same year; 1981. And for you information, it was Howell that had the name "Gong," first.... of which the legendary Mr Marley adopted. Vibes it is! Please study on my friends about this powerful movement of liberation and the ultimute lovers of wisdom and of humanity. Thanking all my friends, family and fans that have reached out to me for my birthday. You remain in my heart forever in the most positive way. Bless! David Hinds
Leonard Percival Howell

REMEMBERING MEDGAR EVERS July 2 1925-June 12, 1963

June 14th, 2018

Greetings to our fans out there! Been flying over the past few days but nevertheless, here is my tribute to the great Medgar Evers, killed by an assassin's bullet, on this day June 12th in Jackson Mississippi , exactly 55 years ago! In our hearts, we know that Medgar played an integral part in eradicating racism throughout the segregated territories of the United States. Our hearts continue to think of his widow, Myrlie Evers-Williams and extended family. Medgar, Rest In Power!! David Hinds
Medgar Evers

ROBERT FRANCES KENNEDY- 11.11.1925-05.06.1968

June 7th, 2018

Greetings to my fans out there as we commemorate the 50th anniversary since the death of Robert Francis Kennedy, (June 5th 1968) whose voice resonated when only a month before he died, he stated that there will be a black President of the USA inside of 40 years. And to be honest, when it was said no one would ever believe that such a prophecy would have come to fruition, because of the racial climate at that time. He gave a speech to the Voice of America all around the world 40 years ago. And despite what was going on in the country, particularly in Alabama, Bobby Kennedy said this: Things are ‘moving so fast in race relations a Negro could be president in 40 years.’ ‘There’s no question about it,’ the attorney general said. ‘In the next 40 years a Negro can achieve the same position that my brother has.’ … Kennedy said that prejudice exists and probably will continue to … ‘But we have tried to make progress and we are making progress. We are not going to accept the status quo.’ – Robert F. Kennedy, Washington Post, May 27, 1968 David Hinds

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LIVE: STEEL PULSE @40 - The Handsworth Revolution Continues - ROME 2015





LIVE: STEEL PULSE in PARIS: Concert SOS Racisme - Place De La Concorde 1985


ethiopian pattern


Lion of Judah "Steel Pulse is all about love and justice through music - for the poor, the voiceless, and the downpressed.

Our music is for the upliftment of all people on Jah planet. We must work together for a better tomorrow, to live in I-nity with all creation."

- David "Dread" Hinds


The Pulse can't be stopped. Since the mid-70s they have produced the sounds which are now considered timeless classics. From the opening strains of Handsworth Revolution to the heartfelt African Holocaust, Steel Pulse has stayed true to their roots. Learn more >>

African Holocaust
African Holocaust


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